Simply put, we offer an all inclusive, gourmet meal service specifically designed for your tastes. Nothing prefab here! All dishes are designed and prepared from scratch, with menus as unique as your personality!
Dished Out is a Personalized Chef Service that provides clients with a unique opportunity to enjoy expertly prepared gourmet meals in the comfort of their own home without lifting a finger. Our service is all-inclusive. Our professional chefs do everything from grocery shopping to clean-up, which makes our service very attractive to busy New Yorkers. All meals are prepared on-site (and packaged) to be served at your leisure. Chef service is available on a per package basis, or by the hour for special occasions. Check out our Menus & Services section for more information.

I was given a Gift Certificate for Dished Out Chef Service as closing gift from my real estate agent. Using my head, I decided to use the service for my housewarming party. I can't tell you the compliments I received! Not only was the food delicious, but the presentation had everyone talking. Since our housewarming, I've had 2 friends ask if they could "borrow my chef?" LOL! I too have plans to use my Dished Out Chef again in the very near future. - C. MACNAMARA

I've never been much a cook with spaghetti, breaded cutlets and scrambled eggs being pretty much the extent of my culinary repertoire. Last summer, when my eldest daughter was diagnosed with a severe gluten allergy, I went into a panic. I didn't know how to cook period let alone cook gluten free. My sister-in-law who also suffers from food allergies suggested that I hire a personal chef and recommended Dished Out Chef Service, a service that she had used after giving birth to her first child. The next day, with my daughter next to me, I sat down with Chef Heather. I expressed my concerns while my daughter provided Chef Heather with a list of her favorite foods. The chef created a menu filled with modified versions of my daughters favorites. We were pretty much sold after the first cook date and I'm happy to say that after 10 months our Dished Out chef has become a fixture in our kitchen. - L. ROSENBERG

After giving birth to our twins, my in-laws gave us the gift of a Dished Out chef as a "Push Present." Hands down this was the best present I have every received! For 3 months our fridge was filled with delicious prepared foods, healthy homemade snacks, fresh fruits and assorted salads. On cook days our apartment smelled amazing! Our kitchen was always left immaculate and for 3 months we did not step foot into a grocery store. After my experience, both my brother and husbands best friend purchased this Chef Service for their expectant wives. I would highly recommend this for all new moms! - J. JONES